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Tom Pudding Tug complete with Jebus and three Tom Puddings


Built in 1959 by EC Jones. Length 48ft x 14.6ft and has a Lister Blackstone air start engine. There is also an original Jebus which went behind the tug to make a bow on the Tom Puddings creating less resistance in the water when the Tom Puddings were being towed.

"These sturdy vessels were built to manoeuvre the coal filled compartment boats, known as tom puddings, from the West Yorkshire coal fields to Goole. Where boat hoists would raise the coal compartments out of the water to a level where they could be tipped into waiting ships for transport around Britain and export to European destinations."

A unique chance to own a part of Yorkshire's history.

Regularly used as a trip boat round Goole Docks and are only being sold as the Waterways Museum/Sobriety Project has now sadly closed.




































































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