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7.4m Research Barge

Dimensions: Length: 7.4m | Beam: 2.08m | Draught: Air Draught:

Description: Road transportable research barge with internal space for test equipment and storage. Constructed of two steel military pontoon sections, joined with heavily constructed connector system. Each pontoon has been heavily ballasted with removable ballast to give good stability for crew working on deck and towing. Complete with steel towing bridal. The pontoon has strong mooring bollards in the corners as well. On deck full navigation lights. The Handrails and mast can be lowered for transport or to reduce airdraft. The bow has had a wooden protection plate installed. There is a basket for rope + anchor and to the rear of this box is a sheltered area for mounting cameras and other equipment. On the main pontoon four sockets can be found for the secure attachment of any test rig or equipment to the barge.

The bow section has a watertight deck hatch to gain internal access. The aft pontoon is also accessed through a watertight hatch on deck. This section is fitted out with a wooden floor. The control equipment for the navigation lights, battery and lighting.

More photos available.

Laying Eastbourne.
































































































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